Conferences and fairs

Thrive Teachers event

The partner conference will be closed with a dissimination event, the so called Teachers event. The event will take place on the 25th of June at the Stivako office, Boeingavenue 207, Schiphol-Rijk in the Netherlands. The event will start at 14.00 hrs. Teachers and staff of school and social partners from the target sectors are invited.

Programme june 25th

14.00 h   Opening of the event by Frank den Hartog

14.05 h    Introduction round of participants and project partners  (Depending on the number of participants the time per participant will be allocated)

14.15 h    Project presentation by Frank den Hartog / Eva Bouwman

14.25 h    Partner + Product presentation

  • Hilltop / NYTA - Desk research - 5 min.
  • Barcelona – Scans - 10 min
  • Stivako - Scans and Female entrepreneurs - 20 min
  • Wuppertal - Research and companies in change - 20 min
  • Artevelde - Young entrepreneurs - 15 min

15.40 h      All partners - Buffet session, participants can go to the partners and have further  discussions, exchange of information per project.

16.00 h      The buffet round will continue, in the meantime a drink and some snacks will be served.

End conference Thrive

An interesting meeting will take place on Tuesday 25 June from 2 p.m. Six partners of an Erasmus+ project are happy to present the final results of their project on entrepreneurial skills with the name THRIVE.
The essence of the project is that companies must be able to constantly change, which requires specific skills for everyone in the company, whether large or small.
Based on research, well-founded assumptions were made about the skills and possibilities that different business types should have in 2026. (business types: sign and display, graphics, packaging, apps and gaming and digital marketing).

For this, the competences were then created and converted into concrete learning material for three specific target groups in the creative industry.
1) Companies that have the will or are in the process of implementing the changes to be future-proof.
2) female entrepreneurs.
3) Young / starting entrepreneurs (who often have problems surviving the first five years).

You can view the materials in part on the website (link). For example, the report on future competences for 2026 is available and many other interesting tools and information are available. (left).
For clarity, the materials (courses and reports) are available free of charge in Dutch, English, German and Spanish. You can make specific agreements on this at the meeting with the relevant partners. The working language that afternoon is English.



Boeing Avenue 207, 1119 PD Schiphol-Rijk.

Tuesday 25 June from 2 p.m.- 4 pm.

June 18: Entrepreneurs & Thrive! (Innovate together with our companies)

We look forward to welcoming you to our customer day on Tuesday 18 June. The customer day takes place at the Stivako in Schiphol-Rijk.
Hereby the shortened program; you will receive further details later via e-mail and the website (in the Dutch language) Registration for participation is already possible through the website.


4 p.m. (from) reception
4.20 pm - welcome word
4.30 pm to 6.30 pm - various workshops / presentations
6.30 pm - networking, snack and drink (as you would expect from us)
7.30 p.m. - closing


Boeingavenue 207, 1119 PD Schiphol-Rijk. There is sufficient (free) parking available.

Register or more information

For more information, visit:
You can also register via o.v.v. your company name and name of participant (s). More information: 020-543 56 88.
We hope to see you on June 18!

Thrive at EGIN-conference Copenhagen 2019

On the 11th April in Copenhagen at the first day of the EGIN annual conference Frank den Hartog will present the results of the Thrive-project. Besides the results of the  research of the BUW and Nyta/Hilltop the project aim and the deliverables will be presented. Such as the learning material for the target groups: young entrepreneurs, people who want to develop working in a company or the the female entrepreneureurs.

Sign & Print Expo 2019, The Netherlands

The Thrive-project is represented by projectcoordinator Stivako at the Dutch Sign & Print Expo in Gorinchem, The Netherlands. This two year fair attracts many entrepreneurs and employees from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Also a lot of Dutch schools , students and teachers visits this fair. The fair is held from Tuesday the 26th till Thursday the 28th of March. At this fair information of the project will be dissiminated to the target-groups.With 200 exhibitors, Sign & Print Expo is the trade fair where future innovations and trends in the field of visual communication are presented. This event replaces the Graphic Trade Fair & Trade Fair Sign and communicates new knowledge based on the many new features.
Stay up to date with creative innovations and solutions in the field of visual communication, experience our new experiences on the exhibition floor, expand your network and build unique collaborations.

Thrive at "VIGC Verbindt 2018"

At the VIGC Verbindt 2018 event, which took place on December 4th 2018 in Ghent, the Thrive! project was present with a banner. The theme of the event was Inspiration Through Creation so that Thrive project suited very well. The banner was present in the room where the networking and catering took place, so all of the more than 300 visitors passed by. Our project partners of Artevelde University College were present to respond to questions of the visitors.

Information workshop at Dataline and Stivako

On October the 9th 2018 Stivako in cooperation with Dienstencentrum and Dataline organizes a meeting. In the meeting the Thriveproject and its research will be introduced. The three partners have seen that graphic media companies need to optimize internal cooperation. Because of the possibilities of providing information, but certainly also by paying attention to the people who have to work with these systems. Customers' needs are becoming increasingly complex, not so much in the order package, but in the complexity of composition and execution. From orders that may cost 'nothing' to online order portals to complete 'unburdening' of communication productions. Customer contact also increases and this needs to be managed.


Information workshop Schools at Stivako

On 21 June, Stivako will organize an information meeting at our institute at Schiphol-Rijk on the Thrive project and its content, including the upcoming development and testing of learning materials.
We would like to invite you to attend. You can easily register by contacting us via telephone 003120-5435688 or via email: You can of course participate with several people.


Thrive information day at Stivako

On june 24th 2018 an information event on the developments in the creative industry will be organized. We will start with a central meeting on the results of the research in the Thrive project on the development in the creative industry , the concequenses these developments have on 5 company-types and the competences of management and workforce of these companies in the future.


Project THRIVE! at the Visual Media Conference 2018

The Visual Media Conference in Leeds, UK is one of the premier events for the creative industries in the UK and is in its 5th year. Conceived by CDi Yorkshire , it is now run by the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) through its special interest group CDi (Creative Digital Industries) with the support and help of, amongst others, HP Indigo, design consultancy Jaywing and specialist printer ProCo.
The conference, with its accompanying exhibition, attracted nearly 400 registrations from all corners of the creative industry – design, digital marketing, sign and display, packaging, augmented and virtual reality – together with representatives of education. The event was held at Leeds Business School.
THRIVE! was represented by its UK partner, Mike Hopkins of Hill Top Consulting, who, armed with a pull display and summary project leaflets, took the opportunity to talk to students, printers, marketing agencies and educationalists all whom showed great interest in the project and its aims to produce training materials for entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs. Many of the successful businesses attending were started by young entrepreneurs and have grown into some of the region’s premier creative businesses.
Follow up discussions are planned with a number of contacts interested in taking part in the validation of project materials.

Thrive at Egin Annual conference

Barcelona, 20th of March 2018, at the first day of the conference Frank den Hartog will present the results till now of the Thrive-project. Besides the results of the  research of the BUW and Nyta/Hilltop the project aim and the deliverables will be presented. Also a Kahoot-quiz will be  playes with as subject the female entrepreneurial skills. The EGIN conference will be organized at the office of the  "Catalunyan Employer's Association" 'Gremi de la Indústria i la Comunicació Gràfica de Catalunya', also called 'The Guild'.


Work-meeting on female entrepreneurs in Barcelona February 2018

In the Thriveproject one of the target groups is female entrepreneurs. In Barcelona representatives of Escola Antoni Alguero and Stivako had a meeting to make an overview of competences especially for female entrepreneurs and where they differ from male entrepreneurs. A set of learning and training material focussed  on this target group will be developed by both partners.


Thrive present at Vakdag Print & Sign

The Vakdag Print & Sign is a one day fair focussed on the print and signworld. Vakdag Print & Sign 2018 on the 6th of February in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands was for all parties a big success. At the fair/congress the entrepreneurs and the management of printmedia and sign companies were present. 


Meeting on Entrepreneurial skills and data in Ghent Belgium, January 2018

During the meeting at the Artevelde University College Ghent (AHS) the subject was entrepreneurship and the several aspects of data. Christel De Maeyer is a specialist working on learning material on this issue. Data is a core subject of doing business. In the EU the new privacy rules become valid in May 2018. In social media there are a lot of developments around data and privacy. The USA and Europe thinks different on this subject. And also Big data collection and use of it is a motor in developing new business.

EGIN Autumn Seminar 2017 

Hosted by Artevelde University Collegein Ghent, Belgium. Theme of the conference: INSPIRE/SHARE KNOWLEDGE /FACILITATE 

Goal: creating a dialogue between media pro’s / educational programmes throughout a dedicated high level conference. Highlighting the 360 °storytelling coverage principle and the consequences on nowadays skill sets.

Day 1, November 9 will have lots of interesting keynotes, discussions and an interactive close down by Hans Bourlon (BE), CEO of Studio 100, a media-production company with a 360º approach to family entertainment combining a mix of global and local brands. This seminar is hosted by Fredo De Smet, VRT Sandbox.

Day 2, November 10 opening by Rense van der Heide: brainstorm sessions and assignments during this second day with working groups on different topics discussed on day 1
(to improve the way you brand your institution/service/…) .

During the conference the Thrive!project will be presented by Rense van der Heide general secratary of EGIN.


Stivako customerday

At the Stivako customerday on the 20th of June 2017,  the Thrive!-project was presented in a workshop. The theme of strategy, leadership and company profile was presented and the participating entrepreneurs or representatives of company management were introduced in this subject in an interactive programme.


EGIN Annual conference 2017

The Annual conference 2017 was organized on April 6 and 7 in Viena Austria. The conference venue is  The Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt in Wien. The Trive project was presented at the annual conference.


Grafische Vakbeurs & Vakbeurs Sign

The project Thrive! was presented at the Grafische Vakbeurs & Vakbeurs Sign in Gorinchem, The Netherlands. This fair was organized from the 14th till the 16th of March 2017. During this exhibition, two creative industries presented  the latest trends, developments and innovations. Several entrepreneurs and companies showed intrest in the project presented at the Stivako stand at the fair.