Press release 4: 02-04-2018: Thrive! Entrepreneurial skills as solid base for a future in the Creative Industry

The project Thrive! has published two research reports.

The first report published is the final research report: How future-proof are the creative industries?  This report is a desk research executed in the five partner countries: Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and The Netherlands.  The main activity in the first phase of the project is research. Research reporting on existing competences in the participating countries.

What are the “creative industries”? And how future-proof are the creative industries? Two important questions in the first phase of the research of the Thrive-project.

At the start of this project the project-partners concluded the following broad definition - “The Creative industries will be mainly focussed on communication and information activities”

 "How future proof is the creative industry?" is published on the project-website:

The second report published is the draft report: Developments, future company profiles, and entrepreneurial skills. The desk research on future company profiles and entrepreneurial competences of the future is oriented on the following proceeding. 

The company profiles of the future in the creative industry first and foremost depend on the development and changes caused by the trends that influence the middle- and long-term business of the companies in the industry. As framework of the research we chose the concept of the innovation landscape.

The draft of the main research report is also published at the website: see output 1 Research. 

More information? Visit the project website: 

Partners in the project:

  • Artevelde Hogeschool, Belgium, VET education higher level.
  • Hill Top Consulting (Yorkshire) Ltd United Kingdom, consultants of trade organisations, companies and organisation in UK and Europe.
  • Stivako, The Netherlands, industry based training service provider on management, marketing and sustainability. Stivako is also coordinator of this project.  
  • NYTA BV, The Netherlands, management and consultancy in educational and labour marker related projects.
  • Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Institut für Systemforschung der Informations-, Kommunikations- und Medientechnologie, Germany.
  • Fundació Privada Indústries Gràfiques - Escola Antoni Algueró, Spain, a well based industrial VET school in Barcelona with close ties with the Catalonian Employers’ federation.