Results Period 4

The project Thrive! Entrepreneurial skills as solid base for a future in the Creative Industry is in the third phase after the research. 

On this page you can follow the ongoing process and all the presentations are published here. This Period 4 starts in February and is finished in August 2019. Then the project is finished

The main goals of the Project Thrive! is to develop research on developments in company profiles and entrepreneurial skills, learning material, diagnostic scan in the creative industry. The educational activities will be tailored to the needs of students in the creative sector, educational institutes and employees of companies in the sector.

In the phase:

The leaning material will be translated and tested in the participating countries:

  • Germany and Belgium: Employees in companies with growth potential or growth ambition towards management or staff positions
  • Belgium and United Kingdom: Young entrepreneur
  • The Netherlands and Spain: Female entrepreneurs.

Report testing learning material

Presentation testing learning material

Presentations on testing the self assessment tools

The self assessment tools will be translated and tested by all partners, the awareness tools will also be tested by all partners.

  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • The Netherlands

Dissimination to the target groups and educational institutes, social partners and others will intensefied. Instead of one end conference, two meetings will be organized. One on the 18th of June in The Netherlands at the Stivako location and one on the 24th or 25th of June in combination with Intergraph, the international employers organization.

Presentation Teachers Event 25th of June 2019