Characteristics of different „types“ of entrepreneurs induce particular challenges

Target groups of the Thrive!-project are:

  • employees with entrepreneurial spirit / companies with growth potential (older than 5 years) and
  • young entrepreneurs / start-ups (companies younger than 5 years),
  • female entrepreneurs.

Young entrepreneurs need in many cases:

  • a functional early-warning system
  • more profound skills in (fundamental) business knowledge and skills
  • specific management tools for dealing with crises (crisis management) 
  • and on the level of personal competences:  a good self-management and resilience / health management.

Employees with entrepreneurial spirit need:

  • Skills in communication 
  • Sophisticated skills in project-management (with regard to the digitalisation especially with modern concepts in project-management like agile project-management, scrum etc.) 
  • Competences in leadership

Specific competences for female entrepreneurs that could be developed via education and training are:

  • support decision making, e.g. by methods and tools that accelerate the process of decision making. 
  • improve the willingness/ability to take financial risks, e.g. negotiation with VC and banks 
  • work-life-balancing/-blending.