2026! What will the world look like?

Ten years from now. What will the communication and media landscape look like? The future of media is changing seemingly every day.

Users are moving away from desktop and toward mobile. Social media referrals are overtaking search. Consumers are cutting their cords and saying goodbye to traditional pay-TV. Messaging apps are threatening email. And smart devices are starting to connect everything around us. These changes in trends can disrupt our businesses, our portfolios, and even our lives. But they don’t have to…

Those who are well informed and well prepared don’t see innovation as a threat; they see it as an opportunity.

Details where the future of media is likely headed:

  • TV networks will soon feel newspapers’ pain.
  • The existential crisis of ad blocking will resolve itself — but be careful what you wish for.
  • Video, music, and digital “print” subscriptions are climbing fast.
  • Digital media consumption is growing. Everything else is shrinking.
  • Native digital advertising will continue to thrive.
  • The next big platform will not be smart glasses, smart cars or virtual reality.
  • Power and wealth will be more concentrated than ever.


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