End meeting Thrive project

An interesting meeting will take place on Tuesday 25 June from 2 p.m. Six partners of an Erasmus+ project are happy to present the final results of their project on entrepreneurial skills with the name THRIVE.
The essence of the project is that companies must be able to constantly change, which requires specific skills for everyone in the company, whether large or small.
Based on research, well-founded assumptions were made about the skills and possibilities that different business types should have in 2026. (business types: sign and display, graphics, packaging, apps and gaming and digital marketing).

For this, the competences were then created and converted into concrete learning material for three specific target groups in the creative industry.
1) Companies that have the will or are in the process of implementing the changes to be future-proof.
2) female entrepreneurs.
3) Young / starting entrepreneurs (who often have problems surviving the first five years).

You can view the materials in part on the website (link). For example, the report on future competences for 2026 is available and many other interesting tools and information are available. (left).
For clarity, the materials (courses and reports) are available free of charge in Dutch, English, German and Spanish. You can make specific agreements on this at the meeting with the relevant partners. The working language that afternoon is English.



Boeing Avenue 207, 1119 PD Schiphol-Rijk.

Tuesday 25 June from 2 p.m.- 4 pm

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