Executive Summary of the research published

The creative industries have undergone massive changes since the beginning of the 21st century. Technology – mainly the digitalisation – has changed the way of production, sales and distribution fundamentally, new competitors – often from outside the branches – appeared and captured market shares, customer behaviour has become more and more volatile, close cooperation with customers (“pro-sumer”) is normality. One effect of these developments is that competences become obsolete faster than in the past.
But the digital transformation does not only threaten traditional industries and players. It alos offers tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs and people with entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore the central questions of the Thrive!-project are:

  • Can some kind of „typical“ company profiles be identified? 
  • What do future companies in the digital industry look like? 
  • What are the consequences for employees‘ competences and especially necessary skills for entrepreneurial activity?

In the report: Developments, future company profiles, and entrepreneurial skills in the creative industries Executive Summary, you can find the summery. The summery and the report of the research is published at the website. See: output 1.

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