News from Thrive!

The project Thrive! is now working on the research. The deskresearch is almost finished. The situation regarding entrepeneurial education in the EU and the participating countries is finished. Also case studies have been executed. The concept report is available on the project-website. The project will also be presented at the EGIN-Conference in November 9 and 10 2017 in Ghent, Belgium.


Goal: creating a dialogue between media pro’s / educational programmes throughout a dedicated high level conference. Highlighting the 360 °storytelling coverage principle and the consequences on nowadays skill sets.

The next partnermeetig of the project is also in November at the Universitat Wuppertal in Germany.

Goals of Thrive!

The Thrive!-project has as central aim to support the (young) (female) entrepreneurs and companies and its employees in the creative sector to go through a transformation and innovation process that is necessary to survive the present times and to become a company with a sustainable business case. The project results will be the relevant profiles of the companies at various stages in this growth path of development until the year 2026.

The core of the company profiles will be the description of core competences and entrepreneurial skills that have to be present in the company at management level and the entrepreneurial skills at the level of the employees.

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