Presentation Thrive! at EGIN-conference

At the Egin Annual conference 2017 Stivako presented the Thrive project to several targetgroups like schoolmanagement, teachers and social partners. The Annual conference 2017 was held at Vienna, Austria. Also a big delegation of the Austian Creative industry was present. Austria as a country,  is not presented at the EGIN network.  

EGIN, the European Graphic/Media Industry Network, is the platform of cooperation for education, training, research & development and labour market projects amongst the social partners of nine countries: Denmark, Germany, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. During its twenty-five years of existence, starting 1990, EGIN has been working in accordance with its original goals: "…to function as a network for education and joint development of educational programmes" and "…to function as a centre of contacts, exchange of information, discussions and project creation". EGIN has also kept its original position as a non-political organisation.

The members of EGIN are organisations operating in the fields of:
  • Education, mainly Vocational Education and Training (VET) at initial, advanced and higher level some of them also engaged in activities of Life Long Learning. Members are both schools / colleges in the formal field of education and commercial training organisations;- Research and development, High schools, centers of expertise;
  • Labour market activities, mainly the social partners (employers and trade unions) of the eleven participating countries including the committees in charge of education and training;
  • Associations / groups of (VET) schools.
In the section ‘member presentations’ you can find the overview of EGIN members their contact data and description of main activities. More information, look at
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