Research report published

Nearly all sectors of the creative industries have undergone massive changes since the beginning of the 21st century. Technology – in the first place the digitalisation – has changed the way of production, sales and distribution fundamentally, new competitors – often from outside the branches – appeared and captured market shares, customer behaviour becomes more volatile, close cooperation with customers (“pro-sumer”) is normality.

One effect is that competences become obsolete faster than in the past. As one result the number of companies as well as the number of employees in most of the sectors of the creative industries has decreased in all European countries.

For example the printing industry – as part of the creative industries - lost more than 40% of the companies and of their employees during the last 15 years.
What is new nowadays is the speed of the development. Therefore it gets more and more difficult to predict the future of the business – especially for a perspective of more than 5 years. The following examples of the change in publishing and the shift in the business of printing pictures illustrate the mentioned developments.

More information on development, future company profiles, and entrepreneurial skills in the creative industries you can find in the research report that is published on the website. See Output & learning material!

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