Work-meeting on female entrepreneurs in Barcelona

In the Thriveproject one of the target groups is female entrepreneurs. In Barcelona representatives of Escola Antoni Alguero and Stivako had a meeting to make an overview of competences especially for female entrepreneurs and where they differ from male entrepreneurs. A set of learning and training material focussed  on this target group will be developed by both partners. 

Differences between male and female entrepreneurs

There are successful male and female entrepreneurs all over the world. Research has found that there are some characteristics that are found in both men and women. There are some distinct differences that do exist between the two. The basic themes are their decision making styles, risk tolerance, goals for the business, financing of the business, management styles, networking ability, motivations.

There are differences between male and female entrepreneurs. In general entrepreneurs may be similar demographically. Men are much more willing to take risks than women and also have an easier time making decisions. Women are much more conservative especially when it comes to financial risk.

Men are more cost and profit driven than women who tend to focus on making a contribution to society and maintaining quality.

Management styles differ between men and women. Men are more task focused and women are more relationship oriented. In starting up their businesses men and women also have different goals. Women are more socially focused when it comes to goals and men are more financially focused.

When it comes to financing the business men are much more willing to take risks and get outside financing than women.

All entrepreneurs face obstacles and barriers when starting their enterprises. For women there are some additional barriers. Women may not have received the experience and training to make them successful that their male counterparts have had. Access to sufficient capital is also a challenge for female entrepreneurs. Some banks may not have the confidence in female entrepreneurs that they have in males. It is also difficult for women to balance work and home.

Women may not have access to some of the networks that men have. These networks may provide more financial assistance and mentoring. There are also cultural barriers that can prevent women from starting a business and ultimately being successful. In some cultures women are not viewed as equal to men and are not given access to the resources they need for their enterprises.

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